Australian Catholic University Brisbane

10 Aug

My Time at the Australian Catholic University Brisbane

ACU Campus


I can’t help but give this great university a plug. I absolutely loved my time there. Compared to some, it is a relatively young university but with a great history. It also has a great reputation for producing some top students .
I studied for my bachelors in theology and philosophy. It was primarily based on the history of Christian tradition as well as biblical studies, Christian thought and Christian practice.

I took the option to study other religions as well as liberal arts.     ACU

Graduates in Theology can pursue a range of careers in areas such as teaching, work in church agencies and ministries, chaplaincy, social inclusion, pastoral work, and social work. You can also pursue careers in other areas that utilise the skills you have acquired in your degree, such as research, journalism and media, administration, and public relations. Hence my work as a consultant with certain religious organizations.

I attended the university in Brisbane which has more than 3000 students at any one time. It is large (over 40 hectares) and relatively modern university starting in 2003, but the buildings have a history dating back to the late 1800’s, making it a very interesting place to study.

You can live on or off campus in specially designated properties. Most are self contained rooms with shared facilities and this is what I lived in for my three years.

CA group

The campus has its own sports facilities and swimming pool, library (where I spend many a happy hour) and the food isn’t bad either and relatively cheap. It is possible to spend your whole time on campus as there is lots to do, however you would be mad not to enjoy some of the brisbane night life and make the most of your time.
I thoroughly enjoyed my three years there and would recommend it to anyone looking to get into one of the employment areas I have mentioned.

ACU Campus 2

How to relate Insurance to Christianity

1 Aug

Insurance and Christianity

With the recent changes is every aspect of human life, from social life, political, economic and environmental life, churches have turned out to be center of attention. Such changes in human life and general world wave places church at a risk of several losses. Therefore, it becomes a responsibility of the church to ensure that her flock is protected. Some of the insurance covers available for the church to undertake may include:
Natural catastrophe cover, In the event of natural calamities such as floods, church may incur greater losses in terms of infrastructure destruction, to prevent this, churches need to take precautions and cover in advance as a measure to prevent future inconveniences in the event of such calamities.
In recent years, the growth of churches has seen development of institutions sponsored by the same churches, institutions like elementary schools, Bible colleges, Christian colleges, and seminaries needs to be protected. Since the church have insurable interest in such institutions and its operations may be altered in the event where these institutions get damaged the church must by all standards take insurance asylum.

Youth groups in churches always involve in gospel related activities like retreats and religious camping. Some of these activities may be carried in areas with unfavorable conditions, since gospel is universal and should not be spread sparingly but instead globally, the church must insure for the security of its youths in their gospel endeavors.

With the insurance principle of indemnity, the church will see its youth successfully accomplish their missions and return home in their sound mind and in good state as they hard left. They might need annual travel insurance and this is something the church could look at adding on to their existing policy.

Death is a natural and inevitable occurrence in human life, important members of church, take for instance bishops and even cardinals, when such personnel pass on life should never end to their families, besides, they are respectable individual who deserve a respectable send of.

When church have Burial and funeral insurance cover, it become so easy for the families of the departed to handle funeral expenses.
“The outward reform begins with the inward renewal………….. Who is not against us is on our side” Mark 9:40, 41 when Jesus found His disciples arguing who was the greatest amongst them. Jesus never condemned them but instead taught them virtues such as honesty. It is therefore responsibility of the church to observe the insurance principle of Utmost Good Faith “uberrima fides” when undertaking church activities which involves contract signing like construction of church buildings, involvement in community development projects like recreational centers among many others.

This way, the church can be compensated by the insurance company. This is because truthful and honest information was giving during the signing of contract. If at all the church overlooks the virtue of honesty hence the principle of utmost good faith, there is always less possibility for compensation by the insurance company in the event of occurrence of loss.

Church Insurance

11 Jun

Church Insurance

church insurance
A Church, just as any other entity is under threat and may fall a victim of circumstances that may result into unwarranted losses.

Such losses need to be covered against, through the application of insurance and appropriate policies in different segments of the church. It is therefore appropriate for the church to consider the following insurance cover:

Churches in the contemporary world have seen many technological developments from musical instruments used within the church, this would easily attract thieves. Further, some churches uses copper metals for air conditioning within the church, given that copper metal is a precious commodity, burglars are constantly attracted by such expensive commodities leading to a greater risk of theft.

Therefore, churches should take insurance cover against burglary to be able to get compensation in case of such incidence.

Missionaries’ accidents insurance: church interior

Jesus Christ had several mission works during His reign on Earth, disciplines such as Apostle Paul too went for missionary work. It was evident of the risks they faced during their mission to spread gospel of Christ. Missionaries today are not excluded from the same risks. Today, this missionaries in the event of spreading gospel, the may be victims of accidents among other risks. Churches should therefore have insurable interest on their missionaries and hence cover them against risk incidence like accidents by taking accident cover for the missionaries.
Health insurance:

Churches do involve into activities such as outreach, outward bound adventures and volunteering to do community work. During such productive activities, the involved parties are always at risk of getting infections and even deadly diseases due to exposure to adverse and unusual conditions. Churches should have in place insurance cover for health related occurrences that may spring up during community activities.

Life-Endowment policy:

Sometimes, priests and or even church members may die while on church assignments, this can have a massive impact to the family of the deceased, Therefore the church must have in place insurance cover to cater for its members who might have lost life in the event of performing a church duty. Life-Endowment policy is also applicable for a case where the insured survives to the end of specified coverage term of age.

In our churches today, due to the increasing numbers of the believers, building, and construction in attempt to expand churches to accommodate members is so common.

However, builders may be subjected to different kinds of risks while performing their construction duties, workers compensation policy need to be taken by the church to protect the workers from events such as injuries, disability, or death.
Generally, fire possess great challenge to infrastructures in church compound, since this may result from electrical faults in our churches, to prevent this, the church needs to take cover to protect it’s properties and or members from an incident that may result from a fire.

Here, a Fire Legal Liability or fire cover policy should be taken by the church to ensure compensation in the event of fire out break with the church or in event where a spread of fire from a neighboring enterprise causes loss to the church, in case of the spread of fire, it will be covered by Fire Legal Liability.

Is Christianity Real?

6 May



This of course is the sixty four millon dollar question.

There are believers and non believers who both make arguments for and against. To me the simple answer is do you believe Jesus existed as Christianity is Jesus. Jesus proclaimed himself the son of god, he was borne of a virgin birth, performed miracles, was killed and then rose from the dead. Therefore christianity can only be as true as Jesus is true.

Did Jesus rise from the dead? Was Jesus the Son of God and was Jesus God in Flesh? If you do not believe these things and Jesus existed then you could argue Jesus was mad because non of these things were true and therefore christianity does not exist.

Although the bible was written a long time after the events concerning the son of god, they are all accounts from different individuals and their perspective of what happened. More than likely these stories were passed down from generation to generation and their maybe elements of exaggeration over time. However several of these accounts contain similar information and can be used to verify that Jesus did exist.

Christianity is the only religion that is rational and can be verified in first person accounts. All other religions are either irrational or have no basis for verification.

Did Jesus perform miracles and did he rise from the dead. The easy answer would be to say no they are not, however there are many things in this world that we cannot explain. UFO’s, and the supernatural to name but two. So whilst they would appear to be fantastical we cannot say they are impossible. Many miraculous things have happened to our world over the centuries.

Existence itself is a miracle. Being born is a miracle. The fact that we are able to breath the air on this planet and that billions and billions of cells working in coordination together must be seen as a miracle because the odds of that happening by co-incidence are staggering.