Australian Catholic University Brisbane

10 Aug

My Time at the Australian Catholic University Brisbane

ACU Campus


I can’t help but give this great university a plug. I absolutely loved my time there. Compared to some, it is a relatively young university but with a great history. It also has a great reputation for producing some top students .
I studied for my bachelors in theology and philosophy. It was primarily based on the history of Christian tradition as well as biblical studies, Christian thought and Christian practice.

I took the option to study other religions as well as liberal arts.     ACU

Graduates in Theology can pursue a range of careers in areas such as teaching, work in church agencies and ministries, chaplaincy, social inclusion, pastoral work, and social work. You can also pursue careers in other areas that utilise the skills you have acquired in your degree, such as research, journalism and media, administration, and public relations. Hence my work as a consultant with certain religious organizations.

I attended the university in Brisbane which has more than 3000 students at any one time. It is large (over 40 hectares) and relatively modern university starting in 2003, but the buildings have a history dating back to the late 1800’s, making it a very interesting place to study.

You can live on or off campus in specially designated properties. Most are self contained rooms with shared facilities and this is what I lived in for my three years.

CA group

The campus has its own sports facilities and swimming pool, library (where I spend many a happy hour) and the food isn’t bad either and relatively cheap. It is possible to spend your whole time on campus as there is lots to do, however you would be mad not to enjoy some of the brisbane night life and make the most of your time.
I thoroughly enjoyed my three years there and would recommend it to anyone looking to get into one of the employment areas I have mentioned.

ACU Campus 2

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