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Church Insurance

11 Jun

Church Insurance

church insurance
A Church, just as any other entity is under threat and may fall a victim of circumstances that may result into unwarranted losses.

Such losses need to be covered against, through the application of insurance and appropriate policies in different segments of the church. It is therefore appropriate for the church to consider the following insurance cover:

Churches in the contemporary world have seen many technological developments from musical instruments used within the church, this would easily attract thieves. Further, some churches uses copper metals for air conditioning within the church, given that copper metal is a precious commodity, burglars are constantly attracted by such expensive commodities leading to a greater risk of theft.

Therefore, churches should take insurance cover against burglary to be able to get compensation in case of such incidence.

Missionaries’ accidents insurance: church interior

Jesus Christ had several mission works during His reign on Earth, disciplines such as Apostle Paul too went for missionary work. It was evident of the risks they faced during their mission to spread gospel of Christ. Missionaries today are not excluded from the same risks. Today, this missionaries in the event of spreading gospel, the may be victims of accidents among other risks. Churches should therefore have insurable interest on their missionaries and hence cover them against risk incidence like accidents by taking accident cover for the missionaries.
Health insurance:

Churches do involve into activities such as outreach, outward bound adventures and volunteering to do community work. During such productive activities, the involved parties are always at risk of getting infections and even deadly diseases due to exposure to adverse and unusual conditions. Churches should have in place insurance cover for health related occurrences that may spring up during community activities.

Life-Endowment policy:

Sometimes, priests and or even church members may die while on church assignments, this can have a massive impact to the family of the deceased, Therefore the church must have in place insurance cover to cater for its members who might have lost life in the event of performing a church duty. Life-Endowment policy is also applicable for a case where the insured survives to the end of specified coverage term of age.

In our churches today, due to the increasing numbers of the believers, building, and construction in attempt to expand churches to accommodate members is so common.

However, builders may be subjected to different kinds of risks while performing their construction duties, workers compensation policy need to be taken by the church to protect the workers from events such as injuries, disability, or death.
Generally, fire possess great challenge to infrastructures in church compound, since this may result from electrical faults in our churches, to prevent this, the church needs to take cover to protect it’s properties and or members from an incident that may result from a fire.

Here, a Fire Legal Liability or fire cover policy should be taken by the church to ensure compensation in the event of fire out break with the church or in event where a spread of fire from a neighboring enterprise causes loss to the church, in case of the spread of fire, it will be covered by Fire Legal Liability.