Is Christianity Real?

6 May



This of course is the sixty four millon dollar question.

There are believers and non believers who both make arguments for and against. To me the simple answer is do you believe Jesus existed as Christianity is Jesus. Jesus proclaimed himself the son of god, he was borne of a virgin birth, performed miracles, was killed and then rose from the dead. Therefore christianity can only be as true as Jesus is true.

Did Jesus rise from the dead? Was Jesus the Son of God and was Jesus God in Flesh? If you do not believe these things and Jesus existed then you could argue Jesus was mad because non of these things were true and therefore christianity does not exist.

Although the bible was written a long time after the events concerning the son of god, they are all accounts from different individuals and their perspective of what happened. More than likely these stories were passed down from generation to generation and their maybe elements of exaggeration over time. However several of these accounts contain similar information and can be used to verify that Jesus did exist.

Christianity is the only religion that is rational and can be verified in first person accounts. All other religions are either irrational or have no basis for verification.

Did Jesus perform miracles and did he rise from the dead. The easy answer would be to say no they are not, however there are many things in this world that we cannot explain. UFO’s, and the supernatural to name but two. So whilst they would appear to be fantastical we cannot say they are impossible. Many miraculous things have happened to our world over the centuries.

Existence itself is a miracle. Being born is a miracle. The fact that we are able to breath the air on this planet and that billions and billions of cells working in coordination together must be seen as a miracle because the odds of that happening by co-incidence are staggering.

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